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The basic conception about ultrasound scan according to the majority of people is that it helps in the process of tracking the development of a baby during the time of pregnancy. But, they are unaware that an ultrasound scan has numerous other benefits to offer.

Well, it is a medical test that captures the internal images of the body by using a high-frequency sound wave.

Sonography is the other name of ultrasound. It has some unique facts. Carry on with your reading to know about those.

Facts about Ultrasound Scan Sonography

  • Ultrasound scan delivers no risk. Instead of using any kind of harmful radiation like x-ray or anything else, it uses high-frequency sound waves to get the inside images of the body with no adverse effects.
  • The first clinical use of the sonogram was done in the year of 1950s.

Glasgow hospital first used it in the year of 1956. After that, the sonogram has experienced several developments, in the course of time.

  • This was used to detect whether a woman is pregnant or not.

But after that, many specialists began using it for several purposes like the detection of cyst tumours, uncovering heart problems, determination of the possibility of pregnancy and diagnosis of several gall bladder issues.

  • Pregnant mothers have praised the ability of the ultrasound as it helps in the detection of the fetus health and also reflects its movement.

The majority of women stay unsure about their pregnancy until an ultrasound scan takes place.

So, these are some of the unique facts and more that you should know about the ultrasound scan. And in case, you need to go through an ultrasound, you can head towards AFhealthcare point of care services to request, or visit our Abuja or speak with one of our health experts.

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